07-11-2017, 03:42 PM,
RE: Swoon
It took me 7 or 8 solo applications to feel what Swoon does in terms of self effects. It took me a 3 more weeks of regular solo wear and in combos with products I understand well. I think it's a very fun social (solo is where it shines as a social. In combo the effects haven't been as prevalent) with a bit of VIP interesting guy aura.

The selfies for me are a pronounced mood lift - mass happiness. It takes 30-45 minutes to get into full effect. Mine is unscented and the diffusion is subpar when used without a cover. Applying a cover increases the feel good selfies. The most effective has been Acqua Di Gio.

When this uplifting happiness hits people, they're swooned into my feel good reality. People have shared more and talked more then expected, and it is not like the glace motor mouth effect. It feels like they would have said these things but didn't feel comfortable/or have enough time to do so.

I think it has the bare minimum respect quantify as a respect product, but it has a good VIP aura. I am still mastering the VIP aura.

I've been wearing it frequently, if for nothing else the uplifting self effects.

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