[D] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
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Information  [D] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )

for some this is like something that gives them goose bumps ... just to say it ..

well .. this product has a long long history and many peeps love it .. and others do not love it that much ..

however ..

this post will be about A314 Rev 32 .. the latest iteration of the biggest player in the mone circus ... the Hannibal amongst the Gladiators ..

if i recall right Androtics started with the product in 2005 and i first bought it via Love Scent in 2006 !

fast forward ..

after a lot of discussion about Rev 31 that did not work for most of the peeps ( well i found it useful for work because it was really harsh )

they came out with Rev 32

Did order some and when it came in .. well i tryed it out .. and i was smitten .. i was in Love again ...

the scent of Rev32 is quite light .. but noticeable ..

it´s quite a bit liquid ... but really o.k. at autumn temperatures ..

alright ..

self effects are crazy good... centering .. calm in a relaxed way .. i feel good ... i feel carefree ...

effects on others are ...

peeps are freaky helpful .. i saw it now many many many times ..

searching for stores .. they will guide you around in the shopping center .. he door of the carwash does not open .. the women in the car behind me runs to find someone that can fix it .. i was just on the way to do so on my own and the told me ... come on i will do it ...
Peeps will not approach you with that stuff .. but will be really happy when you talk to them ..

this version of A314 is not the attraction stuff that other versions were ..

but it´s the most round and best self effects version i had so far ..

9 stars out of 10

10-04-2013, 07:36 PM,
RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
Thanks for the review Pago. I've done a few posts on rev32 around the interwebs but fail to see anything special in this revision. It's got decent self effects, but they're extremely pale to what I recall rev20 being like which is the first oil version I ever bought. In fact it was one of the first pheromone products I ever tried.

I get a much milder confidence boost, some task orentation, clearer thinking, respect (not as blatant), etc. It's an OK version of something that used to be great...

To summarize, I don't think its worth the $110 asking price at all and its definitely missing that "wow factor" I was expecting.
10-05-2013, 01:06 AM,
RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
Hi Phertest,

i did follow your posts about Rev31 and i understand that you did not like it ... well it was really a bit harsh ..

no idea if i ever had Rev20 but i buy A314 since 2006 and even the Royal Oil version did not have the kind of effects you´re describing ...

not the self effects ... effects on others were a bit avoidance and it was quite intimidating .. and it was buddy buddy on the Alpha Guys in the Gym ..

i did follow all the discussions over at AD´s forum about A314 and nobody mentioned it to be that kind of freaky crazy self effects and effects on others stuff like now peeps keep on saying ..

i will not say that you did not get outstanding effects with that stuff .. but at the time frame where they sold Rev20 there was no hype about the product i can remember ..

in fact the product was always quite popular but there was never a hype ...

one Rev i remember that peeps said it did stink like some chems ...

I still have a few ml´s of the 2007 15ml´s version .. self effects are similar .. but the effects of the new stuff are quite a bit more complex !

No idea if you still have some of Rev20 left .. ??

but some mones ... i mean single molecules .. they give you crazy self effects the first few times you use them and then it takes like forever without that stuff to get the crazy effects again like when first used ..

there are a few others i know that has tested the Rev32 as well and they all say that this is really good juice !!

there was NO version of A314 before that created that effect that peeps did go out of their way to do things for me ...

well .. i´d like to pay less than 110 Dollars as well .. but if you ask me it´s more worth every Dollar that it costs than most other products out there !

03-14-2014, 08:29 AM,
RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
I am relatively new in this game and have only used Rev31, that's the one with the "bad reputation".
At 2 drops it definitely works, but some people get a bit too serious with me and don't get my joking.
I can very well see what Pagodeiro means when he used the word "harsh".

Still I feel there is something special about A314, a kind of respect I get from no other product yet.
And I have many different alpha type oils.
It is very good when I add a few sprays True Love (on my clothes).

Today I used 2 drops A314 and 2 sprays Light Essence (Alpha Dreams' copulins).
That's an interesting vibe, it just needs a bit of extra "feel good" in it. It's got respect in abundance..
I just want some more smiles, then I'm happy.
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RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
A314 rev32 is good stuff, for me at least. Generally speaking, whenever I wear it women (Later 20's) tend to find me attractive and really want to get to know me, they hang on my every word. It has some pulling power, it can turn heads, but the real magic happens when you approach and start speaking. (FYI: I do not care for the scent at all, reminds me of B.O.)

(BTW: late 20's+ Asian women love it on me, I don't have an Asian fetish but I may develop one the way things are going.)

Guys are friendly but there is NO respect/intimidation going on that I can discern, even at 3 drops. So I added 2.5mcg P75 (with just 1 drop A314rev32) and quickly noticed that people (both females and males) were scared as shit. Case in point, I was at Trader Joes and the checkout guy who must have been in his late 20's, not a small guy by any means, didn't even utter a solitary word to me, keep in mind that employees at Trader Joes are trained to be super-friendly with customers!

I want to try P75 (In conjunction with A314 and possibly alone too) at a lower dose so I just ordered a 30ml bottle at 500 nanograms per spray, will test drive the combo and report on what happens. What I am hoping for, optimally speaking, is that it creates that respect vibe with men but also ignites a small spark in women too, further than the already pretty decent result A314rev 32 is getting me in this arena. I need to be careful with the P75 dose though, really careful.
Ultimately, if things go as planned I can foresee a A314 (1 drop)+ P75 (Low dose)+A1 (25 to 30 mcg) +P86 (50 mcg) combo working really well for dates.

What I am realizing now, after much personal use and reading the postings of users far more experienced than I is that mone usage has to be very tactical- e.g. you can't really go out with AV during the day, because it mainly at excels at night-game not day-game. Or, if you are planning a trip to Scandinavia, its prob best to take some P93 and/or P96 with you rather than NPA. And so on and so on.... Different venues, different people (races), different times of day- all necessitate tactical adjustment. Proper sequencing, which is part of tactical adjustment, is important too, e.g. Dirty Primitive on a first date is probably not the best idea, though when things are heating up just a tad its likely time to introduce the stuff .

Further, I think a lot of users, myself included initially, expect mones to hit everybody all the time. I'm afraid it doesn't work this way, some days wont be good (No matter how efficient your tactical adjustment), other days just the opposite. Generally though, the more people you meet the more chances you are giving your mones to strut their stuff (and the more you develop your game). Aside from mones; game, body, cleanliness, dress, attitude, all are parts of the puzzle. So, if I look like shit on a given day, in all likelihood no chick will be into me, just happened recently when I was looking for a car at the dealership, I looked like crap (looked like crap on purpose, wanted to get the lowest price possible, hehe) and hence got zero IOI's (Quite a few hot chicks there) even though I was wearing A314.

BTW: As an aside, one curious thing I have noticed is that women tend to judge people by the shoes they are wearing. In fact, I can attribute 2 pickups (Ended in lays) in particular( Both chicks were smoking hot) due to the fact I was wearing Ferragamo shoes. How do I know this? Because later (shortly after we finished our business) they actually told me that they thought I was well to do (Hence, more attractive) all because they recognized the shoes! Of course, Ferragamo shoes wont count for crap in a dive bar, but in the proper setting things are different. Again, tactical adjustment.

Thats my three cents.

(Oh yeah, also just purchased P93 @ 2.5mcgs per spray)
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RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
Ran some a314 oil at 2 drops today at my job. It' s the good ol' Rev 23 by the way. Johnny Hard was so kind to sell me a bottle a few months ago. I added 2 sprays from a Togo of Instant Honesty. My goal is to appear skilled and trustful in client's eyes.

It was a hot day today so I thought why not use the oil instead of the fast diffusing spray? I felt kind of carefree and self-confident upon arrival at the client's house. Usually I am a bit nervous before appointments at a client's house. Not today. I felt suave, calm and controlled, like I am the man. The appointment itself went great. I had the feeling that I was always in control of the conversation. The lady, around 70 years of age, seemed to look up to me and trust my words. So I had a good feeling after leaving her house.

Later, around 4 hours after the application I went to the mall to grab something to eat. Standing in line I noticed a black haired girl with fair skin and tattoos and piercings all over her body. She was around 26 I would say. She stood beside me then turned her head around 90 degrees towards me to check me out. I must also say I was dressed well today, business style clothing. She ordered and got her buns and checked me out again waiting for me to make eye contact. Which I did not doWink

I got checked out by some other women here and there with some double takes. Nothing special anymore to report as I went to the office and then home. This juice seems to create a respectful vibe and seems to have some pull and some nice attraction without being too intimidating with 2 drops and some B-Nol thrown in.
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RE: [R] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
You can boost the status with Primal Instinct, one drop from both.

(05-27-2014, 07:10 AM)scorpio69 Wrote: The lady, around 70 years of age, seemed to look up to me and trust my words. So I had a good feeling after leaving her house.

I found the smell from the rev. 23 always mysterious, now I know why... There is """""" in there, it smells like """". Wink
11-12-2014, 07:49 AM,
RE: [D] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
Visiting my Sis on Sunday ..

well this is always something that is loaded with a lot of emotions because there were some times in the past when me and my sis did not get along quite well ..

put on 3 small drops on my neck and before i entered the house and instantly i felt calm and good ..

Brother in law was very friendly and not the usual " i know everything better " type of guy .. more a buddy buddy feeling this time .. respect was good ..

( Brother in law had to leave very early because there was an event he had to go to from his Job )

the first 2 hours all was cool there and my nice who is the type of girl that is very confident ( 6 years old imagine ) and wants to stand in the middle ..

she was in good mood and behaved pretty well ..

2 hours later she did get more lifely and i had to stop her bit from her Ego trips ..

( what i noticed from wearing A314 around women at work is as well that after 2 to 3 hours women become more exhibited and start to go on an ego trip .. stuff makes you beta .. and the womens behaviour gets more and more impertinent )

the family´s dog who is usually super top relaxed up to boring .. haha .. he did run over and licked my hand to greet me .. everybody was like wtf .. what is going on with the dog today as there were clearly some signs of a super happy reaction from her ( female dog )

ha ... now i remember that i had dropped the A314 on the back of my hand ... thanks god the dog is not as big so that it can jump up and lick my neck .. looool ..

all in all a very cool afternoon ..

sis was cool with me .. all peeps there were relaxed .. good stuff

was using Rev 32


11-29-2014, 04:14 AM,
RE: [D] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
I had some really demanding work for about 10 days, where I needed both respect and love.
Usually 5 sprays TL on my trousers and a few sprays Glace on my neck
And then 1 - 3 drops A314 (rev. 31)

Ok, 3 drops is too much for me, it gets a bit weird as people get scared for no good reason..
And my best results were only 1 drop and then another one after 6 hours with a little more Glace too.

That was the best experience, and the females 27-37 loved me, really loved me.
You know, when they continue to shout positive comments after you as you leave..

08-28-2017, 06:56 AM,
RE: [D] A314 Oil Version ( all Rev´s )
other than having revs from 2008 and then the ill fated rev 31 , I bought a whole load of rev 32 as soon as it came out. Initial impressions were that i had hit the back pot at least in terms of self effects.

after my first use of the product, I almost got run over by a car because of how strong the euphoric self effects were. they were really over the top happiness like i had won the lotto.

effects on others weren't negative either , people seemed more friendly and the vibe at 1 or 2 drops was also quite attractive to some females and social and friendly on guys. there seemed to be no intimidation too. I don't know about others but I think the this product really does build trust and respect. in fact i would say that overall positive effects from.this product outweigh most of the positive effects from a lot of other products.

it seems like it helps you leave a positive impression more often than not. A lot of products seem to leave doubt and some negative effects on some people but A314 , with that vibe of trust, seems to leave you with ticks.

so far I've used it 4 days in a row this time. i had used it here and there before but hadn't really given It a good run. now that I've done that I can say that while it lacks dominance and intimidation, it seems like it has a whole load to offer

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