[R] Evolve Oil
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[R] Evolve Oil
I used the Evolve spray a lot one year ago, it gave me a rather youthful attractive vibe that pulled in the young girls. Bought more of it, so I must have liked it a lot. But other products came along and I love testing new things. Still I was one of those guys pushing for an OIL VERSION and I bought a 3ml bottle when XS made it available.

I have been using 2 drops here and there for a few weeks, but most often with days between when I use very different things like A314 or Ascend or something like that.
The Evolve Oil is potent stuff and I feel a bit uncomfortable using it 3 days in a row at 2 drops.

Ok, so what happened is I got in contact with a young student that had this fantasy of meeting secretly with an older guy. Sex was not mentioned, but...
We arranged to meet each other at public park so each could escape easily if we felt uneasy. I put on 2 drops Evolve Oil and a clean shirt, the application was 3 hours old when I first met this 9.0 super cute girl. The attraction was there and it seemed I matched her fantasy of the older guy as we talked for an hour Heart

To the next meeting a week later in a hotel room I also used 2 drops Evolve Oil in addition to a sex pill bought on Ebay several months ago. I had a feeling a good erection might be needed being together with this cutie 35 years younger than myself. I also took an old bottle NPA to the crime scene as this blend is well known for spiking up the sex vibe if needed Rolleyes

Well, a gentleman should not reveal too much, but the NPA was never needed. And it was a happy girl leaving that room 3 hours later, her fantasies fulfilled. The oil version of Evolve actually has a different vibe than the spray, I don't know why.
It also gives me great self effects, actually turns me into a slightly different personality that matches these young girls better.

Other details:
1. Clean clothes with minimal residue from earlier applications.
2. Other people were super friendly and respectful in shops and such.
3. The girl was not scared but got very submissive, she commented on this.
4. She came maybe 3 times, very strongly the last time.
5. Those sex pills are freaky, I had effects for 3 days, only 1/2 a pill next time.

I was hoping to experience the famous spike from NPA, but one can't get everything in life.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
(04-07-2014, 06:22 AM)Filthy but Clean Wrote: Ok, so what happened is I got in contact with a young student that had this fantasy of meeting secretly with an older guy.

The girl came back for more.

2 drops Evolve Oil on my chest 2,5 hours before meeting her today at the same hotel.
We have full anonymity, but it seems like she's an upper class girl that wants a double life. Makes howling noises when she comes, though nobody has been knocking on the door yet Blush

"You make me unusually horny" was her comment. Must be the blend, I'm just a guy that can last very long, no gymnastics or fancy techniques.
She has requested spanking the next time. I might be wearing 3 drops Evolve Oil then.

Fun experiment Tongue

Forgot to mention:

There is a kind of "dreamy state" self effect with this oil. It creeps up after maybe 5 hours and lasts for a little while.
Not unlike what I have got from IMPI and maybe CHIKARA (some years ago).
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
(04-14-2014, 05:54 AM)Filthy but Clean Wrote: There is a kind of "dreamy state" self effect with this oil. It creeps up after maybe 5 hours and lasts for a little while. Not unlike what I have got from IMPI and maybe CHIKARA (some years ago).

I have the spray version, can you tell me difference between the oil and spray version, because your Chikara comparison is very interesting, by the way Chikara is underrated. I like it because it act really good on blondes, my primary target group. The same thing with SteveO 's legendary MX301 and MX302.

Evolve is the antipole, it slams the black-haired young women very effective. I mean my way of looking at things. Guys greet me on long range, on close range I get helpfulness but they are also cowed by me. Definitely a difference on long to close range, what is not bad. Evolve is a good product.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
Hi JohnnyHard,
Actually I have not used Chikara for maybe 4 years, but I remember it was the first time I noticed self effects with a product.
And it was a "dreamy state" thing. Later on I noticed the same with Impi a few times.

But many products will not work consistant for me, so I use something else and then return later to have it working again.

Evolve spray did also pull in younger blonde girls for me, but was also inconsistant. Not much "dreamy state" with this one.
I can recall other men being a bit "cowed" with Evolve Oil at 2 drops, also girls (strangers) looking at me with admiration+respect.

For me, the Evolve oil feels more like COMPLETE product while the spray Evolve might be less macho in the self effects.
The Domination XS is also an oil that sometimes gives me the same macho feeling, but is a more simple vibe.
This is claimed to be mostly Enone+Anone, but I feel SteveO has added a little bit of other molecules too.

My descriptions may also be a bit contaminated by some residue of a little Nude Alpha, so it's a bit unsure...
Anyway, I have used these 2 Evolve products less than 10 times each. I think I like the oil best.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
Results from a higher dose:

Put on 2 drops Evolve Oil on my chest. The vibe builds up in one hour, then smooth and constant for a long time.
The world looks somewhat different, I'm confident in a different way than with typical Alpha oils.
As an older guy androstenone gives me something back that is missing in dayly life.

Respect and slightly "cowedness" from guys, the women KNOW that some sexually high status person is present.
Customers give me room as I buy a few beers in a shop. I walk into a coffeeshop and ask for "the smallest coffee mocca she can make".
The very cute 20 yo brunette is fascinated by this extremely clever statement, smiles all the time she's making it.
Super enthusiastic smile as she gives me the paper cup, she repeats my fascinating sentence to me and smiles again (WTF ?)

I check into my hotel room, the guy in reception is totally normal behaving, but great help and service.
My cute student girl is coming in 40 minutes so I get down a little pill with my coffee mocca, then put on Evolve drop no. 3 near my crotch.
I call the girl on time, give her the room number, she arrives looking young and innocent. She's young but...
We have a beer, she showers, we end up in bed for 90 minutes. The pill is taking effect and I take this scientific project seriously Smile

Ok, the difference with one fresher drop added to my usual 2 drop 3 hour old application:
1. Her hornyness is the same but is now present all the time, stays wet.
2. She orgasms several more times, but not stronger. Just many times.
3. She is smiling much more, especially after each orgasm. Actually she has started to smile more or less all the time.

The girl leaves, I take a shower that does not get rid of the Evolve oil, I leave the hotel.

Women still KNOW that someone high sexual status is present, I get looks.
I get opened by a blonde medium cute 25 yo at the bus station, talks about the weather and the bus line.
When I stop talking she leaves me alone, when I start again she eagerly responds.
She sits down 3 seats from me and calls her boyfriend.

I get home fucking tired and start my report.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
Evolve Oil originally came in a 3 ml soft plastic bottle.
This is really small, but there is no problem to squeeze out a drop from the tight opening.
And 1 or 2 drops is all you need.

But SteveO has later changed the product into a 6 ml glass bottle with a eurodropper type opening.
I guess the good reason for the change was that the oil products should all be the same price per bottle.
My recall is that he might have had some evaporation troubles with the plastic bottles too.
And I think the customer gets a better deal with the 6 ml, my view is that Evolve oil is cheap if it is the right product for you.

But the problem is the very thin oil, it is so fluid that too much will come out of the eurodropper. You will overdose or waste product.
So, as Pago has said, buy some bulb dropper bottles and put the stuff in those instead.
Through tha last year I have gotten SS4M, Heart Throb, AV, BW and NPA into such bulb dropper bottles.
Will now put my Evolve Oil into one such too, as the dosing is critical with this very potent blend.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
Did it a little differently today, I put on 2 drops while sitting on a bus. Usually I do it at home.
I noticed a few things with this blend that I missed earlier.

1. Mood lift, noticable.
2. Beautification on surroundings (nature) only, not on people.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
@FBC/JH I have noticed the following from evolve oil in intimate situations. by intimate situations I mean using it just before jumping in between the sheets with the ladies. I have never really used it during the day time. I guess when I was even more of a noob than I am now I was a bit reluctant to wear products with a lot of none in them. In total i have used it on maybe 4 different ladies right before the "main event" and these are my observations at 1 drop (I have 2 X 3ml bottles , one unscented and the other pepper and nutmeg) :

a. seems to make it easy to give girls orgasms. had one girl who orgasmed like 5 times in 15 minutes. It was like being in traffic.  release clutch , acceleration,  damn, orgasm. brake and stop. she is ready for more , put it in gear and release clutch and put some gas , not too much...drive for a couple of minutes...damn she orgasms again...brake and stop lol
every girl I have used it on has orgasmed but that isn't to say it makes every girl orgasm but it seems to have something in it that disinhibits them and they can go on and enjoy the moment.

b. makes girls wet. Like really wet and turned on. I did the dirty with one girl and this was early in the morning after a night out maybe 5am. We slept for an hour and I touched her there and she was still wet. she got on her belly. stuck her butt out and asked me to have another go. She was putty in my hands.

c. seems to create a nice sexual chemistry.  The ladies seem really into me and stare deeply into my eyes in a sort of primal way. It is interesting as this is from a fresh application of the stuff before the buffers have worn off. I  had one stating she missed me a lot afterwards . used evolve oil on her twice more and it seemed to rev her engine up each time Wink. The girl being horny also ensures I am a lot more passionate as I know she is almost guaranteed to be horny as hell. One girl I remember was trying to get me to fuck her without a condom after using the one in my wallet  lol . I had to decline but she was adamant I should do her without one and she never dies this with anyone but really wanted me to do her that way lol.

d. It has nice appropriate self effects for intimate moments like an increased self confidence and that is also useful as it makes you less self conscious so you can get on with doing what you are there for. I do feel sexually very powerful with this stuff on. I find myself eager to walk around totally nude after the event like I am a prize winning race horse.

looks like those buffers in the mix seem to really help create a useful bond or connection and with the added sexual kick , this product has turns you into a super man in the sack. I recommend a fresh one drop of oil application right before sexy time very highly.
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RE: [R] Evolve Oil
An update on Evolve Oil:

The orgasm creator thing should be well known at this time when using a drop (or 2) of this blend for sexual encounters. It has worked for me on 5 out of 6 different younger females, but has varied in strength. Just the other day I did 1 drop only but added about 1 drop of vintage NPA to see what would happen. No problems, the girl (25) got herself into a nice series of orgasms that just kept coming whatever I did.

But another thing I have noticed about Evolve Oil is the exhaustion that comes maybe 4 or 5 hours after putting it on and having sex. This never happened to me with the spray version. Using only one single drop of this oil lessens the problem and the good effects are about the same, so the tiredness might be some weird overdose phenomena. But it is very tempting to add drop number two when putting it on. Took me over 2 years to learn not to do it. Yes, I'm slow Tongue

Another thing I got out of adding a little NPA the other day was a slight change in the vibe I have with this girl. Maybe a new kind of "admiration" that made the girl think I am a rather clever and fun guy. My usual remarks about things would now easily trigger giggling and laughter more often than earlier. We shall see if this continues as I plan to use this same combo on her the next time we meet.
06-27-2017, 10:24 PM,
RE: [R] Evolve Oil
The exhaustion thing has been greatly removed by placing the 2 drops Evolve oil on the back of my neck, even into the hair back there.
Much better.

I don't use this product much, but it serves me well once or twice a month.

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