[D] M11
08-24-2015, 07:16 AM,
RE: [D] M11
Today evening .. lower temps .. around 20 °C

again good self effects .. very nice .. cool . calm .. collected ..

great effects on my buddies from Romania ..

put on the equal of 2 dops on my neck ..

M11 definately works way better on younger women than on the Cougar / Milf crowd .. attraction hits wise

saw good nice attraction on a 19 yo blonde waitress .. ( look the posts above i had brutal hits on a Blonde before )

been testing as well with Pherone M11 but have not done reports ..

well .. when the stuff is fresh put on it can cause "Problems" with elder women around 50 or so .. they can become a bit problematic .. means a bit pushy .. or so .. way too focal for my taste .. but this happend only when the app was total fresh .. so keep in mind that if you will have to talk to the "Ladies" that the app should be at least 15 mins old .. otherwise they will bitch around a bit

it´s no shit tests .. it´s just that they become pretty impulsive
this can be as well dosage dependent .. let´s see . .i had different effects with M11 on elder women as well ... hmmm

what impressed me today were the great hits on the guys and as well the good hits on the younger waitress that clearly does not like me much ..

girl was always looking over and had that .. shit he is sexy look into her eyes


10-26-2015, 06:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-26-2015, 06:57 AM by Filthy but Clean.)
RE: [D] M11
I have found that the Pherone products I have tried have more dimensions to them than what is said in their product description.

D-17x is a lot more than status and domination, it also has a cheeky and social side that is just as prominent.
M11 (at 2 drops) surely has that smooth "balanced" attraction, but today I noticed a very present status side to it, not unlike NA.

I was kind of ignored by those over 35 which suits me fine. But extremely good reactions from females 14 to early thirties.
Only smiling faces everywhere, and very agreeable interactions with those girls. A no problems anywhere type of vibe.

This one also has a kind of slow very gradual buildup, but was present after 30 minutes and held steady for me at least 7 hours.
I also noticed attention from strangers, especially in the 20 yo group on public transports and such.
This vibe is very likeable in relaxed cool self effects, but I suspect I will have to work for it if I want romantic action.
Because the status part is solid, probably too much to get approached by any others than people I know well.

I know I will get good use for this product, I like these "under the radar" oils.
11-21-2015, 01:12 AM,
RE: [D] M11
A more correct name for M11 would be CHARM.
Especially for the younger cuties. I had an experience a week ago with a 16 yo slim blonde that I dare not tell more about.
(nothing physical, but I'm sure her mother would not have approved what she did)

Anyway, in my case 2 drops M11 often results in having to entertain 3-4 young ones that kind of gravitate in my direction.
It works charmingly on guys 20-30 yo too, very buddy-buddy, very friendly.

Is it DHEAS that makes other scents smell even better? Could be, I have experienced the same with one of my own DHEAS heavy mixes.
Things just tend to smell great.

The status thing with M11 is something that appeals a lot to the younger ones, it's a lot different than the intimidating stuff.
I am now seeing the difference between M11 and NA, it lies a bit in that difference mentioned above. Different status vibe.
Also noticed was that young girls I know from earlier feel extremely comfortable with approaching, strangers keep the distance.

Has anyone noticed that LoveScent's A7 has exactly the same kind of bottle that Pherone uses for their products..
I don't think anyone has revealed who makes A7..
11-25-2015, 07:40 PM,
RE: [D] M11
Blondes and younger women...

light skinned and blonde guys as well ..

first it starts with a dominant sig and goes later beta

M-11 is brutally similar to Chikara Big Grin

when it´s fresh the women are charmed like mad and people are in awe .. when the stuff has aged ( more than 2 hours ) it turns beta .. younger teen guys seem to forget whom they are talking to

when the beta stage is reached it makes me emotionally sensitive .. here it matches 100 % Chikara

they are not the same but there are huge similarities .. think .. Doberman and Weimaraner ( that´s Dogs ) they are not Poodle and Pitbul .. haha

so far attraction wise really good stuff .. the selfies are great .. just like with Chikara

but the stuff has to be used with caution .. really good product the M11 .. you just need to know how to use it


06-02-2016, 05:58 AM,
RE: [D] M11
I have been using M11 again at 3 drops this time.
Don't expect instant celebrity status, it takes time to establish it's vibe and is very much "under the radar" for myself.

But the positive attitudes from the younger females is just the thing I really like with this oil.
Not sexual, but a youthful fresh attraction of a kind that innocently pulls them in my direction.

Solid and underrated product for us mature guys.
Would be interesting to hear how it works for the 16 to 30 yo generation.
Come on, boyz..
11-26-2016, 10:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-26-2016, 10:31 PM by Filthy but Clean.)
RE: [D] M11
Came back to M11 again (3 drops on chest) after some time, I used it for a work environment.
It is still the same. M11 delivers the vibe similar to what I sometimes got from Love Potion's "Charisma blend".
Hits young and old in a non sexual way but still there is attraction in abundance.

I see some similarities to SS4M too. These are all old fashion blends so it makes sense.
My M11 bottle is still almost full, but to buy another one is now on my list.
05-18-2018, 06:53 AM,
RE: [D] M11
oh my .. long time

well i pulled out the M11 bottle recently a few times and used around 2 drops on my neck .. temps are spring time so it´s not too cold and not too hot

the product is clearly awareness boosting ... but you have to be careful it as well causes mild tunnel vision so be careful when you´re driving with the stuff onn

it clearly makes me productive and i get less distracted than usual ..

younger women clearly are attracted .. but today not too many good looking girls were around

i´m testing a lot recently with Pherone products so let´s see



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