[D] Realm for men
05-08-2014, 10:39 PM,
[D] Realm for men
This is one of the first products i heard about containing pheromones and it´s said to have an awesome fragrance ..

it dates back from 1993 and i´ve heard and read that peeps do get effects with it ..

so i will order a few samples and will try out the stuff to shed some light on it Wink

has anybody used Realm in the past ?

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RE: [D] Realm for men
Holy smokes .. this has been a looong time

thanks to the fellow Forum member that was kind enough to send me a sample ( along with some other samples ) of Realm i had the chance to test the stuff

3 days ( or better said 4 days ) testing with the stuff

had not put on mones the day before and so i started with 2 sprays on my neck - hope this comes close to what people usually put on - the sample spray bottle delivers pretty large sprays

scent is classic and masculine .. smells good .. but not that extreme good like people always mentioned .. well this has something to do with the ingredients .. but later more about that

okay ..

this is really a mones bomb .. holy crap ..

tons of stuff in there and i´d say

- some sort of Est ( must be a good synthesis otherwise the scent enhancing properties would not be there )

- some sort of Copulines ( smells super cheesy when i wash my neck with water ) burning red eyes ..

- A-none .. that´s the one i´m dead sure about .. super tunnel vision .. be careful you wont see cars coming ..

enhancement of smell is there as well .. but not much attention grabbing going on .. stuff did rob me the sleep nearly all night long

all over all the effects are like from a social ..

i had no trouble to start convos but the convos died down so fast .. like with few other products before

people did not show too much Respect .. all over all people showed very unpleasant behaviour against me ..

talked to some people and after a while the gave me the crap and totally ignored me and did "jump" out of the convo .. partially pretty unfriendly behaviour

there seems to be as well a strong built with the Realm product that shows as well that unfriendly .. low status .. treatment

Honestly i have not seen many IOI´s .. it´s like i was invisible .. ( damn life with no mones or crappy mones is a nightmare )

Self effects are not really pretty ..

made me mentally exhausted and slow .. creativity totally killed ..

as well it gave me headaches .. unpleasant .. first test run with it this was not nice .. lessened to some extent

I have no idea how the company was able to sell that much of that stuff .. but the reason was for sure clever marketing and that they found out the trick that Est and copulines enhances scents ..

sorry Mate ( the guy that sent me the sample )

i would have liked to tell you something more positive about this product but this Product is for sure ( in German .. ein Griff ins Klo ) something i would tell people not to buy

but finally we know what´s about the stuff



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