[D] True Alpha Oil
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[D] True Alpha Oil
I bought this oil years ago, I think it was my first "respect" or "status" product.
And I really liked it, for several reasons..

First of all, this is a classic oil product that comes in a 10 ml blue glass bottle with a euro type dropper. And the oil is thick and comes out of the dropper extremely slow, full control. I like it Smile

The price seems fair, my dosing is 1-2 drops and that bottle will last a long time. We oil users generally get a lot of product with prices hovering between $35 and $90 for serious stuff. I think Pherone's "respect" type oil might be the best buy at the moment. But shipping cost varies a lot, of course.

I took my True Alpha out for new testing in a work situation, 4 days with other stuff in between. You might not believe this, but it actually feels more potent now than 2-3 years ago. Can this happen? The way it feels now I would never dare to use 4 drops as I did earlier sometimes.

Anyway, status is definitely raised for me when I use it. This is not a subtle product, the difference is there even with people I meet every day. A few have difficulties looking at me, it seems like an automatic reaction they cannot control.

There is often a little bit of joking from others when I arrive, it seems they want to entertain me a little. But my POSITION rather high on the status ladder seems to be in no doubt and all are happy with it.
People can be a bit serious at times and my joking is not always understood, but I feel this might be something about my personality that is not adjusted to the vibe of this exact product yet. I use a lot of different products all the time, lots of vibes.

True Alpha is also well known for getting traffick to stop to let the user cross the street, also for getting extra things like free coffee and such.

I'm unsure about how long it lasts, I kind of felt yesterday that it changed the vibe after maybe 6 hours, but in a more comforty direction actually. A girl 25 years younger than me hugging me for no good reason...

Might add more to this review later. It really is a somewhat tricky product to understand.
03-20-2015, 07:43 AM,
RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
Hi Guys,

Took today True Alpha for a spin in a combo and with what FBC says above he is spot on ..

that the product has become more potent now that it stands more time in the closet is very much true .. this could be related to molecules in powder that were not that good resolved in the carrier and needed some time .. years .. hehe ..

4 drops would be too much .. i put on 2 small drops ( again like FBC says .. good and controllable small drops )

when i went to the sunbench later it did hit me .. there was that itching on my head .. ( hair gel i put into the hairs was still a bit wet ) that i mainly get with only a few molecules ..

i doubt that there is Meo-Est .. or Meo-Nol .. in True Alpha ..
but one molecule very much makes sense in my eyes ..

Equiline .. sold as a single molecule at True pheromones .. very nice stuff with great self effects that did serve me a lot at work ( elder women always did get heat rushes when i had that stuff on )

Back to True Alpha .. very nice status stuff and guys do move away somewhat .. they dont like it much and i got greeted many times ..
( this is now what i recall from my use of the stuff in the past )

Stuff is more the harsh and a bit more towards sexual effects steered Alpha product .. nice one if you like that stuff .. but not really a popularity product .. hehe


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RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
(06-27-2014, 07:00 PM)Filthy but Clean Wrote: There is often a little bit of joking from others when I arrive, it seems they want to entertain me a little.

Had this happening today too, but with a total stranger, cashier in a food shop.
(2 drops TA on chest, 2,5 hours old application)

The self effects are indeed outstanding, they last 4 hours but the blend is still somewhat good for maybe 3 more hours. This oil is also pleasant to wear as there are no weird physical sensations, just a good slightly "spacy" vibe going on. Many months since last time, but now I will wear this oil a few times this next week. Cool product but not at all fully decoded yet.

I also like how it grabs attention from the younger females, possibly a well balanced Rone heavy blend. And Pago's theory about that unusual Equiline molecule might very well be correct..
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RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
Ok, after 3 more days with TA oil I noticed a few more things:

1. Instant deeper voice, instant inner confidence.
2. Works best on people I know from earlier, very buddy-buddy attitude from the guys. A strange special look from some girls (the cute ones), some kind of reset ?
3. Not a sexual product, more in the social + higher value direction.
4. It kind of loses some of it's charm after maybe 5 hours, what is left is a more intimidating or dismissive vibe. Not so good.
5. Re-application did not work after those 5 hours, possibly another clean social/charming spray will do it. But the Rone is still prominent, so no heavy shit. Overdose danger..
6. Was not so good 2 days in a row, but great with days in between.
7. Unique fascinating vibe when it works.
03-07-2016, 12:46 AM,
RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
I still have 1 bottle of TA with the old paper label. I bought 2 or 3 for $12.50 ea during a sale years ago. I never got anything from TA, but I need to give it another run. Back when I wore it I was comparing it against A314 r23.

I remember Johnnyhard (I think) gave True the ratios over a forum for TA. TA may have been mixed too quickly if it improves with age.
03-21-2017, 11:29 PM,
RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
I am back with True Alpha for a few days. The bottle must be 4 or 5 years old now, but still working.

Yesterday I added 4 drops of my experimental PEA oil after 6 hours. This was great but needs to be tried more.
That experiment is some years old too and still working great and unpredictably as it did then. Should be tried by others too, I suspect it's different on different people.

The intimidation factor of 2 drops TA is still visible though. Maybe go down to 1 drop later.
Anyway, TA is solid old school stuff with an equiline twist possibly..
03-23-2017, 08:41 AM,
RE: [D] True Alpha Oil
Yesterday I did only one single drop of TA and nothing else.
I found that this is now a better dosing in my case with all the good effects present and very little intimidation going on.
I even got a free high quality coffe from the kind but respectful bartender out in the hall. This can easily happen with TA.

The increase in potency that has happened to my old bottle is an interesting thing. I tend to agree with Pago on his thoughts regarding this.
The idea is that over several months and even years the phero molecules are finally getting fully dissolved in the oil and thereby getting more effective.
Must check if this has happened with my D17x too..

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