Filthy Combos
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RE: Filthy Combos
Hi Brother,

I read the stories of that guy and tested the combos with AV and NA (with LAL Androstadienone).
Did not get those results, but maybe I did not stay with them long enough.

The guy later got upset with Alpha Dream and declared he would never use Glace again..
Too much drama over at PheroTruth, hehe..
(But of course, if you need entertainment instead of info...)

My experience with 3 sprays Glace has always been good, but I like to vary a lot between products.
3 drops of AV or NA is more than I usually will use in combos, better with with smaller applications.

But this "famous" guy is genetically very different from me, so I will not judge... Smile

Better to test those products that you already own, and with small applications.
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RE: Filthy Combos
Some XS products are very potent. Well, I get a lot of product for my money but it also creates dosing problems.
If the dose you need is one full spray and you only get maybe 0,4 on your first push, what do you do?
Well my own solution is to dilute the (spray) product 50/50, nothing is perfect in life but this gives me a bit more control.

So I just diluted my XS 106BLE with the same amount of perfumers alcohol and now anything between 2,5 and 4 sprays is acceptable.

1 drop Domination when I left home.
4 sprays 106BLE diluted 2 hours later (same as 2 sprays of the original stuff)

Very good combo for work in a light mood environment with lots of young people.
Works great on the MILFs too, extremely charming vibe going.

I have ordered some more XS 100 and will do the same with that one too.
04-30-2017, 10:16 AM,
RE: Filthy Combos
PASSION was one of the first products I bought. Blue bottle from Stone Labs with a nice smelling alcohol based blend.
Cheap stuff when bought from LAL, much more expensive elsewhere..

4 dabs PASSION and 4 sprays LIGHT ESSENCE (Alpha Dream copulins) before going shopping with a friend.

Nice alpha type vibe for such activities, good respect in shops and great communication with the friend.
PASSION is a super starting product for sceptical newbies that just want to see if pheroes work at all.
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RE: Filthy Combos
Discovered another great combo for work. A kind of competent popularity vibe with respect added and also some extra charm or something Tongue
(sounds complicated, but was really very nice)

1 drop Domination XS
3 sprays EROX

The drop was placed on my leg (thigh) actually, the 3 sprays went on the chest area.
Erox hasn't really done very much for me earlier, but this combo was an eye opener.
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RE: Filthy Combos
Super relaxed and natural feeling alpha combo for shops and cafes and that kind of activities:

4 sprays AD Light Essence (copulins) on my legs
2,5 sprays P6 Mega on chest area

Both of these products have been at about 5 out of 10 for me earlier, but together... Idea
04-05-2018, 04:05 PM,
RE: Filthy Combos
Inspired by Pago I continued my experiments in copulin land and found a very good STATUS BOOSTER COMBO for older gentlemen.

4 sprays Alpha Dreams Light Essence in thighs near the crotch
2 drops Bad Wolf on stomach

Alpha feeling and status elevating, good for work, good with people I know, respect from strangers.

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