[D] Pheromax ( for guys - original non Oxytocin formula )
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RE: [D] Pheromax ( for guys - original non Oxytocin formula )
Filthy But Clean,

I might be wrong, but I think Pago established that there were bottles of Pheromax that had little or no smell and others that were pretty stinky. I have a bottle that smells of that funky none/A1 smell that Old Edge had.

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RE: [D] Pheromax ( for guys - original non Oxytocin formula )
Today I used 9 drops of my diluted oil = 3 drops PHEROMAX on my chest and throat.
Went out shopping + visiting cafes. I am still a bit unlucky meeting cuties when using this product, very few out today at my local village.
But the 20 yo 8,5 behind the counter in a bakery was sooo respectful and nice and effective and wishing me a perfect day and hoping the coffee would suit my taste and so on..
Can't really complain then. I was not well dressed and my grey stubs are 4 days old and such a cutie would have ignored me without some added molecules on my chest.

Still I will go back to 6 drops = 2 drops PHEROMAX the next time.
There wasn't really an overdose but people were a bit too serious and "on guard" in my precence, like if I was the local police chief or something.
I also got a bit of that A314 vibe that I have mentioned in an earlier post. I am not sure what this is, maybe the earlier feeling that some unwanted uneasiness on my own part is removed for some hours.
Today I also experienced some nice beautification (of nature and landscapes and such) at least the first 3 hours. It reminded me a bit of the feeling I had after a few drinks when I was much younger. This is a cool effect in my case as alcohol itself doesn't really work on me any more. It is a side effect of using C60 olive oil (fullerenes) as reported by many users in those forums. We don't get a buzz from a few beers any more, shit.

Sitting outside the bakery my 2 friends returned from their own shopping round. I noticed that today they were easier to be with and not as complex and moody as they can be other days. They also seemed more eager to impress me and more respectful in general, not playing games or creating conflicts or confusion as sometimes happen. Easier vibe.

Another thing: I noticed my "inner game" was rock solid today Cool

I will stay with 2 drops of this product, cannot understand how others can tolerate several sprays of this stuff. Use of the word MAX in it's name is no joke Tongue

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