P6 the classic
12-23-2014, 04:33 AM,
P6 the classic
on the wings of el cheapo ..

10ml of P6 classic for 15 bucks ..

what can we expect of that stuff .. well .. it was Stuggi - man that told me to try it out and he said that it works quite nice for him .. of course i was curious and bougtht the stuff from a German site on the net .

10ml .. bottle nothing super fancy but a glass bottle that sprays very good and i value such bottles way higher than crappy plastic bottles like XS or Apex uses them ..

the scent to my surprise is quite good .. very classy and manly .. some notes of orange and citrus come through .. over all it smells pretty old school but very good .. this one you can use with your cologne and it will fit into nearly every scent sig . or you use it alone .. smells very good anyway .

like you can expect from El Pago i took it to a test and was quite surprised ..

first the self effects .. it is very much mood elevating .. fun stuff for sure .. with a few beers this is for sure awesome Big Grin

this one is not the super IOI getter .. but it made me outgoing and chatty and so i talked to a few women wearing it ... sadly only elder ladies ..

seems to have good social effects on women i know and it has for sure some sexual punch ..

women at the counter at my fav coffee bar did let the money fall down and she seemed quite confused afterwards .. she looked a few times at me and made a few short comments walking around my table . ( 25 yo or so )

other female staff was in good mood as well ..

it is a bit early to say too much about it but so far i can say this one is legit stuff and for sure one can have quite some fun with it Big Grin

half an hour after application it seemed to become more interesting .. had some IOI´s from a young girl that came in with her guy .. hmm not bad .

will keep on testing this one .. haha .. 10ml for 15 Euros this stuff is a bargain for sure


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RE: P6 the classic
This is one of my favorites .A classic perfume with a thoroughly masculine nuance to the fragrance . P6 Mega and P6 classic have the same fragrance ( musk- tabak).P6 Super and P6 Stift (pen 6 ml) have a delicate sandal-wood scent. Yes ,These are good products (but sometimes cause an allergy on skin).

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RE: P6 the classic
FBC requested an Orion P6 Forum and i totally forgot that i wanted to do that ..

idontknow will create a new Orion Forum in the English forum section and then i will move that thread here over

( stuttgart man has posted about the wonder weapon P6 as well but in German .. just use a translator .. it is very interesting )


but in the meanwhile . .

here is a pic of the el cheapo but working P6 classic stuff



11-17-2015, 06:43 AM,
RE: P6 the classic
O.k. .. today i decided to go with somthing i had not used in a long time and decided to put on P6 on undies .. haha

the crazy undies project continues Big Grin

o.k. .. i went with 5 sprays and put on a skinny Jeans that i know that works very well for my sort of testing ..

15 mins after application i reached fav coffee place.. when in drove there ( a short 5 mins drive ) i was in really good mood and

the self effects of P6 are really fun and after a short time the women working this evening ( most were ladies over 40 ) were strongly affected by this stuff

so far the best social and attraction effects and even better .. disinhibiting effects on that age group ( all Caucasian .. and one South East Asian one )

the effects were super mood elevating and uplifting on that women .. but the good effects took a bit .. so when the stuff is fresh it can be a bit too much ..

if you´re after women in that age group i strongly recommend to buy some P6 .. well this is not necessarily a find by me but i can confirm that

... ahm yeah .. for sure a sexual mones product because it showed the typical effects shift that this group of products gives when compared neck application to undies application ...

- Pago -

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