[D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
12-31-2014, 10:34 AM,
[D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
I always was intrigued by that product and never ordered it .. no idea why ..

thanks to mr-right that is very adventurous when it comes to trying new mones stuff as well i got via him a sample of WAGG ( the original version not the the zapped one )

O.k. ..

got that stuff yesterday and did run some testing ..

first self effects test yesterday .. it was very nice mood elevating and the feeling was like as if there came some sunshine through the clouds ... very nice mood lift with that ( 2drops put on my neck )

today evening i decided to give it a spin at my fav coffee place ..

that suave mood lift was there again ..

first i must say that i put on 3 drops on my neck again and that the product has no smell at all ..

stuff is vey much liquid but i think not 100% alc .. sticks good on skin .. and drys down fast

well .. went to my fav coffe place ..

staff reacted very friendly and in very good mood .. other customers looked at me .. it was a bit weird ...

the effects of WAGG are very strong beautifying but in a way that i only know from Athena .. the focus is very much on the faces and body is blended out ..

self effects are a bit distracting .. you´re on your own bubble and things around are not present .. maybe 3 drops were already a bit much for me

did not see any sexual effects but saw some attraction signs ..


few thoughts thrown in ..

why was the product named "What a great guy" ??

it might be some kind of popularity product .. for sure the name is not because of what we were told all the time that it works like some Anti Clint Eastwood syndrome stuff ..


great visual enhancement of rooms and car and so .. it is all there but ... you´re in and not in . it is hard to describe ..

well ... i noticed very nice social effects .. this stuff looks a lot like a legit social product .

self effects were that it made me talkative .. and in good mood with others .. friendly and charming ..

I will have to do more testing with it and rethink my impressions but from what i saw this is another lost and forgotten gem ..


12-31-2014, 06:49 PM,
RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
That's an excellent review and very interesting points too. I have used this maybe 3 times now. I used it yesterday at 3 drops in total. 2 to the chest and 1 to the wrist. One thing to note is that I can't smell any mones on my wrist the next morning.

From a selfies perspective after I put this on I noticed I very much enjoyed admiring myself in the mirror. Also while having dinner with the GF I was admiring her a lot and got up from my seat and hugged and kissed her quite a few times. So that could be associated with the beautification.

In terms of self effects. It is very odd. The self effects for sure make me more friendly and comfortable around others. I don't experience any horniness though and usually that helps me be motivated to attract women. I think I will need to combine this product for that outcome.

We mainly had a waitress who was very friendly with us yesterday evening and we had a few conversations with her and generally good service. But it is clear that it has a pull that will make people want to interact and spend time around you. I have had quite a few waitresses now increase the chance of interaction with this on. It breaks down barriers for sure.

I have a lot more testing to do with this product and I know to an extent what it can do solo. It has quite a unique friendly vibe that a regular social just won't give you. People seem to get comfortsble to talk to you and that is very useful. The beautification also is very useful and present. I will very much start using it with sexual products and see what the combinations can do.

I will run it today on new years eve. Will put on something else first and then interact with people and then later add wagg at 1 drop at a time to see what wagg can add to the party.
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RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
Stuff is by far powered with some of the most impressing beautifying effects i have experienced

here is an example --->

without WAGG



with WAGG



i´m sure you can see the difference


01-12-2015, 08:27 AM,
RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
O.k. guys ..

today evening i´ve been combining that nice one WAGG with some sexual stuff ( Rouge Male ) and the effects were quite interesting .

it took a bit to kick in but after a while and some talking initiated by me the women did loosen up and the whole mix became very funny and girls were talking about 3-somes and so ....

there seems to be very clearly some disinhibition goin on with Wagg added ...

mood lift was clearly there when i added the Wagg ..

very useful product in my eyes !!


01-28-2015, 08:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-28-2015, 08:05 AM by Pagodeiro.)
RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
Few more test runs with WAGG .. mainly added to other stuff ..

i have to correct myself that WAGG is not buffering .. o.k. this was me using lower dosages around 2 drops . and yesterday i had put on 5 drops ..

when dosed higher the WAGG is somewhat buffering but not that extreme .. it is a very smooth sort of buffering

what WAGG indeed does is that it pulls the attention of the people to the application points .. not even DP on undies did win the fight yesteray ( later it came through )

the beautifying effects start to really amaze me and i think there is no other product out there that can compete here ..

WAGG creates a very nice natural beauty that is perceived as friendly and non intimidating but still has a looot of status

Wagg goes inded very well with sexual formulas .. and does not too much dampen the vibe .. but it can be overpowering like described above ... depends all on ratios !!

the self effects are always happy go lucky and there is a very productive vibe with Wagg ..

# sample is out .. but will order me some with the next order at Love Scent


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RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
Hi there,

with my last order i finally got me a bottle of WAGG ..

not opened yet ..

that´s how the goodie looks like



01-05-2017, 09:29 AM,
RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
Did i really not write a report on this one ..

o.k. ..

been using WAGG on and off since summer and clearly the stuff in the bottle is great juice

i put on small dabs on my neck like i do with other alcohol based products often .. i got a good feel already on how much to apply so i rarely go wrong with the dosages ( but if you need correct amounts look the posts above )

fist day it works good .. second day it works very good .. third day it works awesome

the beautification is just impressive and self effects are great as well

stuff seems to calm me down but on the other hand it gives me nice motivation ..

did sleep the last few nights like a baby and that´s a very very good thing with WAGG

guys do react friendly .. and do not give me shit .. women are intrigued .. WAGG for sure holds some sort of .. i can trust you .. i know you´re a good guy and reliable - but you´re as well very attractive



10-18-2017, 06:15 AM,
RE: [D] WAGG ( what a great guy )
Hi again,

used WAGG-N quite a bit recently and took a day off in between .. and the applied some normal WAGG

with normal WAGG i do get way more compliments on how well i do my work .. people seem to like me a looot

it does not hit as hard as WAGG-N does and range seems to be lower as well

WAGG as welll does not hold that much truth serum effect as WAGG-N has

both products are great stuff .. and i can recommend both

if you´re into blondes and Asian girls you should go with normal WAGG as WAGG-N clearly does not work too well on that type of targets .. they just dont react to the stuff .. at least it looks like that

what both products have in common is that the good looking girls react way better than the average ones

really good style and expensive clothing works amazing with WAGG and WAGG-N .. but that´s the case with most beautifying mones products

will do more testing to compare



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