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I bought a bottle of CORE several months ago, but never found the right time to use it yet. Too many new products floating around and I must admit I also have products from Hax and LovePotion that have not been opened yet.

In the package from Apex I also found a small sample spray with TITAN and this was enough for 3 days (4 very small sprays each time) of testing with weeks in between. So this is not a pro or thorough test at all, just early impressions.

Still I must say that this seems to be a product that kind of deserves it's name, I was able to pick up a solid vibe of self assured status + some attention grabbing qualities with a somewhat longer lifespan than what I am used to in a spray product.
I had way too few verbal interactions with it to sort out more detail, but the self effects were solid indeed. A kind of PHERLURE meets DOMINATION on a windy summer day Cool

Don't be surprised if I buy this one, I don't know what scent he uses for the samplers but it was good enough for me. Would love to hear what others here think of this product.
12-06-2015, 12:43 AM,
RE: Titan
Interested in this for work. Any new testing on it?

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