07-24-2016, 07:29 AM,
The concept of this new oil product sounded intriguing to me so I went ahead and bought the 30 ml blue bottle, tacky gold top and cool treasure chest and everything Big Grin
Only used it twice (at 3 drops) so these are just first impressions:

1. No self effects on me, seemed like I had no pheroes on. Ah, but then after maybe 90 minutes there was a hint of some calm aesthetic dreamy stuff, nice.

2. Not attention grabbing on it's own. But the Devil tricked me into adding 2 drops of Bad Wolf today after 5 hours (evil laughter), then it suddenly was very attention grabbing.

3. It worked extremely well on a few rather cute young females I know slightly from earlier. A totally new level of positive attitude that included refusing my money and giving me free ice cream and coffee. I was suddenly more special than ever. Worked also surprisingly well as a powerful social on a 50 yo guy working in a coin shop. Oh boy, he had really missed me and was eager as hell to chat, not to sell. Eh, I have never really talked a lot with him, but today I was suddenly such a high status special customer. Very friendly indeed.

4. But with females it was not a sexual vibe, more in the direction of "love for the great leader" or something. Still the positivity created was so good that I am sure this stuff could be used to "get a foot inside the door" if handled expertly. Girls sometimes will bed you just because you're "such a great guy". I have also heard that SWOON works well with EVOLVE or NPA. Those are rather horny blends in my opinion and I promise you that I'm going to try something like that.

5. Relatively cheap product if it consistently works well around 3 drops.

I will surely be back with more reorting on this one. Anyone else bought it yet..?
09-02-2016, 01:46 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-02-2016, 06:01 AM by Filthy but Clean.)
RE: Swoon
So I have been fooling around with SWOON for a few weeks, mostly at work but also had a date with a female half my age. I used it a few more times as a standalone, but mostly in simple combos. As a standalone I like it at 3 drops and in my case it lasts all working day as I was never compelled to "do something" as compared to some other stuff that loses its balance along the way. It certainly can add a bit of love, especially with people I only know slightly. But it has no attention grabbing effects on the street like some other more flashy blends sometimes have.

In combos it is not good together with products that I would consider RONE-heavy. The best of these was 2 drops SWOON + 2 drops A314, the total disaster was 2 drops SWOON + 2 drops NA for some unknown reason. People were not able to look at me and I was surely some dangerous animal Dodgy

But together with more sexual blends it can really shine, yesterday it was 2 drops SWOON + 2 drops HEART THROB that was really successful. My philosophy at this time is just to look out for possible RONE overlap danger and keep the drops few, like for example 3 drops SWOON + 1 drop M512 that is an excellent combo for me. In general this blend is great with all HAX oils as long as the amount is very low, but 2 drops SWOON + 2 drops M512 was good.

The 31 yo 7.0 girl I met and had a few beers with told me straight out that she had "fallen for me". I kind of escaped with a "professional" excuse, the photo had hinted she was cuter and 7.0 is not good enough for me at this stage. But I could have moved this in a sexual direction. The combo was a 3 hours old 2 drops SWOON + 1 drop Evolve oil, and nice clothes. The comfort side of SWOON is what makes this product successful for me. I even consider buying that special molecule separately in an oil carrier.
11-24-2016, 01:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-24-2016, 01:39 PM by Filthy but Clean.)
RE: Swoon
Ok, some new info has emerged that indicates that A314 might not be based on Androsterone at all. This is very believable to me as it explains why SWOON did well in a combo with A314, but did not work with other "respect" or "alpha" formulas.
Androsterone might be the molecule you should stay away from when considering SWOON combos.

But another thing happened that was rather familiar to me. SWOON lost it's power through prolonged use in combos, the typical effects gradually disappeared over time (a month) and I started to use other products for a while. Then yesterday I felt the need for a bit of a "love" or "affection" when going to work and did:

3 drops SWOON
1 drop M512

Oh boy, everything was back. All my coworkers loved me, did favours and helped me in every way. And the young Swedish guy selling me coffee started a convo and obviously wanted me to stay there and talk with him. But there is almost no sexual vibe here, instead a lot of relaxed affection going on. Very useful on some demanding days.
06-11-2017, 01:16 AM,
RE: Swoon
not a direct review of Swoon but it is a combo I had been using for a few months that includes Astaxanthin, the molecule Swoon is based on.

From what I researched online, Astaxanthin is nothing more than a crawl fish supplement that makes you healthier. But obviously PT's Astaxanthin is much more different than those sold elsewhere, perhaps it is a slightly altered version?

My combo is 2 sprays of Ladykiller on the left side of my neck, 2 sprays of Holy Grail on the right side of my neck, 1 drop of Grail of Affection split between both side of my neck and applied just slightly under the LK and HG's app point, and 1 drop of Astaxanthin on the back of my neck. 1 million Absolutely Gold as my scent of choice, it is the strongest version of the paco rabbane's 1 million product line, enough to cover the weak scents of LK and HG.

This is like a more beefed up version of Swoon, I'm going to call this combo Ultimate Lovely Dovey Swoon, I had other names for this one before, but I think this might be a better name. You get the right doses of A1, rone, none, copulins, oxytocin, a-nol, b-nol, and all other minor but important molecules all in one from all the products involved, it was truly the ultimate love mix everyone was looking for.

Selfie: Instantly felt zen like from the Astaxanthin, felt awesome from LK and HG, also got boners from the copulins. If you guys are familiar of all the products mentioned, than it is everything in one, and they fit together quite nicely.

I got people randomly chatting me up, and since there is a heavy influence of nols, I am not afraid to talk to people with this on as well. So conversations is VERY fluid, the Astaxanthin helped with conversations as well. People sometime do stare at me for a few seconds when I walk by them, and I stare them back. There are instances where I am in a store, got a random hot lady chatting me up. I only talked to her for a few minutes and went on to buy what I needed, as I walk out of the store, I saw she is still staring at me as I am leaving.

At work, I had made quite a lot of female acquaintances, soon to be friends or possibly lovers/FWBs if I expose them to the combo repeatedly. Girls who weren't even a bit of interested in talking to me before this combo was all chatty toward me and got to knew me a little bit more. I think if I really wanted to get to know all the beautiful ladies at work and elsewhere, I can certainly do that. You can do it with normal Swoon as well, all those ladies I talked to with the combo on now all say hellos whenever they see me. This is great in my book, not all females are meant to be with you, a purely friendship is just great as a romantic relationship, those people who thinks that every single female should be their lover clearly don't realize the potential of lady friendships.

This combo is just that good, it even inspired me to make my own mix that is this combo in one bottle and I only need a drop of it to get all the effects. Doing 4 products at a time is a bit time consuming and since LK and HG are going to run out all the time, I need to buy LK and HG constantly.
06-13-2017, 02:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2017, 09:26 AM by masterfu678.)
RE: Swoon
To be honest, I had wore Ultimate Lovey Dovey Swoon for a few months now, probably since late January, yep, it is that good that I don't even bother to wear other products anymore. I have work 4 days a week, and 3 days as weekends, and I wore this combo everyday to work, so yea, I basically have a 4 days on, 3 days off mones schedule. Remember that this combo got everything normal Swoon has, but also a few other molecules such as Oxytocin, A1, a little bit of Copulins and whole lot of others from the HAX products and Grail of Affection. What I can say it is the perfect combo. I do wish one day this is an actual product, would be the perfect product and I would probably buy a lifetime supply of it.

Wore this around a lady initialed as AC many times, 8 hours at a time back in Feb thru early April, she was working with me so she basically can't escape anywhere. She was 27, Caucasian, unknown previous sexual history but no kids and she is single. When I first met her she was very quiet, conversation just can't get anywhere with her. After many times of exposure from this combo, I can for sure say that she had been subdued and probably way over swooned. She is on a 6 month business trip right now and she is not around me until November, but right now whenever I message her online, she was always very friendly toward me and we chat it up like old friends. She went to Iceland before the business trip and I asked her if she would bring a souvenir back for me, she did, and when she did bring it back, I was surprised by it and didn't know what to say. She thought that I forget all about it so was a bit sad that I didn't remember, but later I thanked her on Facebook and she was happy again. She is not the expressive type but I have a feeling that if I ask her out when she comes back, she just might agree to it.

Today, I wore this combo to work again, this time it was around a lady initialed KJ. She is African American, late 30s, have two daughters and they are 14 and 9 years old. She was playing with a fidget spinner. She was in a chair before but I later took it because she was standing, she later saw me in her chair and said "really...", I was already under the influence of the self effects of Astaxanthin at this time so I was sort of playful, I said: "This chair is mine now haha." She said "well it certainly looks that way, are you warming the chair for me?" I said "yes, I am warming the chair for you." So I continued to sit in her chair for a bit, and she suddenly decided it was a good idea to spin the fidget spinner near my face. I can for sure say that this is a major hit. At first I flinched, but she told me to not flinch because she wanted to play a game, so I didn't flinch and let her hand go near my face with the fidget spinner, her hand was so close to my face that if I go forward a bit, she could touch my face and I will probably get hit by the spinner. At this time I knew that it is on so I got up and let her sat down on her chair, I found another chair and sat near her, the game is on.

Basically, we chatted about anything that we could think of, but anything we talked about, it was always a fluid conversation. Later I asked her whether she have a facebook or not, she said no and she doesn't do social media, so I said "oh so you have a busy life", later I asked "so what else is going on with your life besides being busy?" Here comes another hit, she just blabbed out that she is currently going through a second divorce. Now, do you see what is wrong here? Women don't just tell you such things like divorces just like that. She also told me that I am her friend now but I think even as a friend I don't deserve to know this kind of stuff, so I guess "friend" might be an understatement, who I am really to her in her heart might be more than that. FYI, I had seen her around my work place before but her attitude was nowhere near this warm to me at that time, I probably will never know how hard the combo had hit her. Back to the divorce topic, I remember I blabbed out "Wow, two divorces in two years" after learning that her first divorce was in 2015, she got a little mad, she chastised me that this is something I was supposed to think but not say it out loud, I apologized and we resumed the normal friendliness.

At this point, I had an idea in my mind, asking for her phone number, but fate itself cock blocked me and we all got busy with work and never had a chance to talk again after that, at least for this day, so I never got her phone number, and the story is....to be continued.

I see her as the perfect FWB, and a person to finally teach me everything about romance and sex. Single mother that gone through two divorces, PERFECT!! She is fairly attractive for an African American, which you don't see much nowadays because most African American chicks don't know how to dress themselves. With this combo, I am definitely going to have an easier time to get my ways, once I get her number and ask her to hang out when she is not taking care of her kids.
06-20-2017, 12:40 AM,
RE: Swoon

So whether you have normal Swoon, or all four components of my combo, this video might help everyone to understand what the woman you targeted are feeling while under the influence of Astaxanthin, especially number 3 in the video. You can also use this video's advice and combine it with Swoon or my combo to be more successful in the social game.
06-22-2017, 12:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2017, 09:33 AM by masterfu678.)
RE: Swoon
Some more Ultimate Lovely Dovey Swoon combo report

It was time for me to start doing college stuff again and get my degree. So I met with my academic adviser from a new university I enrolled. When this person emailed me, I saw two first names, one is a female first name and one is a male first name, and being in the military, we are used to calling each other by our last names, so I thought this person was a dude because the female first name was in the front of the name, as in "last name, first name". I didn't expect much so I went there just to get this over with.

lol, when that person comes to our appointment, it was a rather sexy lady, her initial is KR. She wore very nice looking high heels, really sexy looking legs wrapped in leggings, and a really friendly attitude, all smiling and stuff. Btw I have to admit, I'm a sucker for ladies who wear high heels because I think ladies automatically becomes more attractive when they wear it, even if they are unattractive before, high heels have that magic to them, maybe it is the sound they make, maybe it is the design. Back to the report, I asked her about the person in the email, she said "yep, that's me.", I told her that I thought her name is the other way around, she said "yea, I get that a lot." Well, now this is exciting, I pulled up a chair, sat next to her, and started our appointment talking about my college stuff. She is Caucasian, I think maybe in her late 30s (a wild guess), and did I say sexy already? Well I can say it again.

We started off with all of the professionalism we can display to each other. After about 20 minutes of initial introduction and her welcoming me to the university, she then led me to a place to get my college stuff going , later I was told that I needed to register a few more class so I went back to her. While I was registering the classes, I noticed in my perpetual vision that she was very close to my neck, which was my app point for the combo, she didn't say anything however. After about 5 minutes later, she started random chit chatting with me, she related to me about my night shift work. She was also a military veteran and did the same kind of job as me when she was in, small world, so I continued the conversation for a bit, got to know her a little bit more, and finished registering for my class. At this point, her next appointment person came in and I had to cut the conversation short. But I asked her if I could be friends with her, she agreed. She only got exposed to the combo for about 1 hour, and she is already considering me to be her friend, and also the fact that the combo was 12 hours old, you can already tell just how potent this combo is.

We'll see how everything with her goes. I probably will have a lot of female friends soon if I kept wearing this combo lol.
07-04-2017, 03:21 PM,
RE: Swoon
A report on the imprint side of Astaxanthin and my combo.

I realized that for all the ladies I mentioned above, there was a heavy reverse imprint going on and I was thinking about them constantly and crushing really hard for them. In fact, I still do as I am writing this post, it could be a curse or a blessing since it can trigger stalker behaviors in me and I need to be careful for that.

Since mone clouds are neutral and it doesn't care who it affects, I can say with a 90% confidence that these ladies are thinking about me constantly and crushing about me hard as well. I just saw KJ briefly in the last couple days, she greeted me as soon as she saw me, which she never did before I exposed her to the combo.
07-09-2017, 09:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2017, 09:34 AM by masterfu678.)
RE: Swoon
More to report about the imprint effect of the combo.

Another girl, whose initial is BT, Caucasian, around 30 years old. She was exposed to this combo around the beginning of April. She is engaged and had her wedding all planned out and stuff so this is another pure lady friendship. When I first met her, she is not at all talkative. Heck, I don't think she even cares about who I am. It is like my first encounter with AC, not much conversation going on. She worked with me a couple times and she got move to another shift hours and I only got to see her at the end of my shift during changeover, so it is about an hour and that is around the tail end of the effects of the combo (8+ hours old). If I had any conversations with her, it is her talking to someone else and I forcibly butted into the conversation (I do that a lot, trying not to in the future). So that is that.

I never realized how hard the combo was hitting her until one day I noticed she sneaked behind me to get something from her bag, I was near her bag but there are plenty of space between me and her bag. But she was almost in my personal space when she was getting her stuff from the bag. I said: "you are very sneaky lol." This was during April when she was still on my shift and me and her just met, so she didn't really say anything toward my remarks.

Fast forward to yesterday (July 7th, 2017), she got moved to night shift and I'm on day shift, so I saw her at her tail end of her shift. I went up and talked to her, asked about her wedding plans, made small talk. Then I asked for her facebook, she wrote it down, and told me that her facebook is secret, and only people who know her specific name can find her, I doubted her a little bit and she suddenly got all talkative and a bit playfully defensive, saying things like I don't trust her and all that. I said fine I will look for you on facebook. After that, she suddenly told me a story of her past during her high school days, how she was the class clown and got prom queen but didn't get it because she got in trouble. At this point, I realized that the combo had nuked her senses, and she got swooned really hard.

Today, July 8th, 2017, I didn't wear any mones. Saw her again at work, at this point, we are already friends on facebook. Her face just lit right up when she saw me, and said: "what up my new facebook friend!!" I said hi whats up. When she is leaving, I said talk to you soon on facebook, one of my coworker was nearby and she bragged about how me and her are facebook friends, and left.

Well, if this combo is doing anything, this girl might be an obvious example, she went from nothing toward me to happily being my friend, that is awesome. I know her fiance as well because I worked with him for a couple weeks. So this might get really interesting.
07-11-2017, 03:42 PM,
RE: Swoon
It took me 7 or 8 solo applications to feel what Swoon does in terms of self effects. It took me a 3 more weeks of regular solo wear and in combos with products I understand well. I think it's a very fun social (solo is where it shines as a social. In combo the effects haven't been as prevalent) with a bit of VIP interesting guy aura.

The selfies for me are a pronounced mood lift - mass happiness. It takes 30-45 minutes to get into full effect. Mine is unscented and the diffusion is subpar when used without a cover. Applying a cover increases the feel good selfies. The most effective has been Acqua Di Gio.

When this uplifting happiness hits people, they're swooned into my feel good reality. People have shared more and talked more then expected, and it is not like the glace motor mouth effect. It feels like they would have said these things but didn't feel comfortable/or have enough time to do so.

I think it has the bare minimum respect quantify as a respect product, but it has a good VIP aura. I am still mastering the VIP aura.

I've been wearing it frequently, if for nothing else the uplifting self effects.

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