[D] Alpha Q (s1ck jewellery collaboration)
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RE: [D] Alpha Q (s1ck jewellery collaboration)
(05-19-2017, 07:48 AM)mr_right Wrote: natural selection or snobbery
oddly this weird behavioural effect seems to affect me whereby I am a very harsh critic of women and find flaws in them quickly . seems like this product gives me some really high standards and only certain women are worthy of my attention . how odd. not sure what to make of it or how long it will last either but what happens is I first look at a target and usually think yum yum and think would I shag her but now I give them the initial look and then the flaws start to appear in my mind and even someone who looked hot initially is meh after further consideration. some women with nice hips and a healthy glow though do Rock my boat .

I notice the same thing, I have been criticizing women or actually told them what I really think but didn't dare to say before. I told one girl in my dance class that her boyfriend must suffer a lot with her but I played it off nicely like a joke. I also told her she criticized too much and is nitpicking crazy which is true as it's her job but it's fu*** irritating while dancing.

I would have never told that in my normal self, and she is a very beautiful girl, maybe a 9 or 10, very beautiful.
But what's better is that I can laugh it off, and play it fun, not in a serious tone, and I play push pull with them like little girls.

To me it's very close to what most call Alpha Behavior even if the word don't have much sense anymore as it's over used in everything.

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