Ronin [D]
06-06-2018, 07:19 AM,
Ronin [D]
I ordered this one from Aroma Fero rather than from hax / Pheromone mafia. The price quite steep for a 10 ml bottle. the good news is that it seems effective at 1 spray. these spray bottles are the usual glass hax bottles but the spray mechanism is black which is cool as this is a black label series bottle.

my order included Holy grain x , baphomet, alphaero and Ronin.

So far I've only tried ronin and then stuck some alphaero on top.

I've run this I think 7 days running now and probably need to take a break. also I haven't tried it for its primary purpose which is bonding with females but here are my preliminary findings;

dose range 1 to 2 sprays (usually 1 spray ).

self effects:
- this gives me great slightly calming and centred self effects which are great
- there is also a bit of energizing but no crash after a few hours like I had with hax raw last week.
- there is a mild confidence boost too and also puts me in a much better overall mood than baseline. This also brings out my self of humour.
- I'm likely to be much kinder and more courteous with this on. I don't feel the need to exert authority with it on.
- there's no fatigue whatsoever with this after 7 days of use at 3 to 5 sprays total per day.

effects on guys:
-there's no evidence of any intimidation wearing this
- there's definitely male bonding going on and especially compared to my daily (AQ which keeps everyone at a respective distance) this one is a friend maker and creates a strong aura of likeability compared to pretty much virtually every product I generally like to use. it doesn't appear beta though , but isn't strongly alpha either
- people in the office and around aee certainly positively affected compared to baseline.
- the first few times I wore it I would catch both genders staring at me quite a bit and people's eyes following me as I went past. but this isn't some AV type thing , it is more natural and captivating

in summary I would say that this is likeability in a bottle.

effects on the ladies :
- due to my current situation, I unfortunately can't hit on strangers but it seems like once exposed, it causes a lot of women to start staring at me. with strangers , it needs you to be ready to be their mister right and be ready to have some basic game and smile at them and open them. once you do it is fast bonding.
- on female work colleagues it seems to have strangely strong effects over them. again I haven't tried steering these but it's an improvement over baseline. it creates a closeness above baseline.
- In some ways I wish this is the sort of product that Voodoo was trying to be.
- had a few strangers give me the proper "come and get me romantically " hits and with some game this can be quite a product. but to note it isn't your usual sexual powerhouse. it is far more sensual and dare I say, romantic.
- one or two colleagues were starry eyed around my presence and one portugese one is particularly behaving like a crushy 16 year old.
- some ladies on the train after an exposure period seem to stare at me a lot.

early conclusions :

as I mentioned , this is bonding and likeability in a bottle. with exposure , it can certainly do some damage ! it generally elevates you to the most likeable version of yourself and through self effects , has you treat others much better than you would and vice versa

as a day wear product, this is as close to perfect as I've found if you're not after an alpha powerhouse. 9 out of 10.

on the ladies, I will find time to test it properly soon and report findings
06-14-2018, 12:30 AM,
RE: Ronin [D]
A lot more playing around with Ronin (or Robin according to Samsung autocorrect).

self effects
~ further thoughts on this product are it worryingly is quite addictive to use. the main effects I'm seeing coming through are more a trust in one self and others and not being anxious much at all.
~ there's also a notable mood uplift and desire to enjoy one's self and slow down and de-stress. I found myself easily maintaining eye contact with many women and this I guess gets reciprocated from a fair few of them. there's definitely a confidence that can be useful especially as back in the day 14 or 15 years ago I'd pick women up by having a lot of confidence and flashing a big grin at them and just talking to them and taking it from there . here I find myself making eye contact and flashing a smile. works well on them but I'm very much out of the game now.

~ sometimes with this product and I don't know if oxytocin has anything to do with it but when feeding my infant I sometimes get this relaxed feeling and this product gets me a bit of that
~ I feel much more grounded and centred and don't feel the need to dominate others. instead I seem to be able to feel I can get along with most people with this. very different to a LAL product where I expect others to move away and give me room etc.

effects on others
~ definitely see a lot.more long range hits than baseline
~ some people just catch themselves staring at me
~works excellently well on guys . strangers too. it's like I'm an immediate friend. there certainly seems an increase in likeability
~ it has a lasting effect on colleagues at work too . even going mone free seems to have them open up to me genuinely about themselves. it seems to enhance connections and has bonding qualities

as I continue to use this product, I'm thinking so far it is money very very well spent. it is just a natural version of my personality but more confident and more likeable . it's not an alpha beast.

I haven't been able to test this on women properly yet but from what I can gauge, with a bit of game, this would get me dates .
07-06-2018, 05:35 PM,
RE: Ronin [D]
ronin, some more thoughts
dose :
1 spray to each arm pit , one behind neck
possible contamination from aphaero.
I like this product because the effects start to fade and a fresh app kick starts the effects vs NA one drop is great but reapplying seems to ruin the effects somewhat

self effects :
calmness around people.
no fear of people at all.
making easy eye contact with hot ladies lol. maybe they look better because of the product in any case. There's definitely a wanting to be ”romantic” element with the ladies , if you catch my drift lol
There's a definite mood uplift going on and I've got a permanent semi smirk on my face
This product definitely puts me in the game zone and I love it because I assess each target like a hunter would , also sadly it seems to make targets a bit more attractive by boosting my libido energy levels

effects on others :
some sort of marked increase in trust levels ? quite a few notches.
Definite increase in eye contact from both genders. lots of people search for eye contact with you.
certainly an increase in looks from ladies after a fresh app of this size in heat.
The jury is still out on whether this is a great night time product but I'll tell you as a day game product on younger ladies , this is hard to beat
comparison with other stuff :
I was so disappointed with connekt by vero labs. it promised a lot and didn't really fulfill. this one seems to have nailed what that one may have been trying to achieve from its marketing materials.
When I compare it to voodoo , voodoo is far more extreme in weird effects , this one seems more attractive and bonding and more subtle on the truth serum side of things. I can drive a car with this one no problem but not voodoo.
my emotions were running a bit weird with raw and though I liked that product, it had some downsides.

as a work product :
upsides are clearly the reduction in anxiety , the seeming increase in trust and likeability.
downsides could be to do with concentration span and being driven. Its not that it makes one tired or lazy it's just for me personally, my mood is too good to be going over spreadsheets with a fine tooth comb but otherwise in a people facing role , this one could potentially be the best product I've used. Though I have to qualify that if you're after something to enforce your dominance then this isn't that type of product.

I've liked it so much I haven't bothered trying HGX even once even though that was my intention when I bought the 4 products lol

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