True Pheromone discount
08-04-2018, 02:18 AM,
Photo  True Pheromone discount
Hey Guys Kmacc45 here, long time I know. I just want to put it out there. Just got big discount at True Pheromone (30%). 500mg of none and A1 powder regularly $500.00 total, I got for $350.00. I logged in as new customer and used the a new customer code. The code I used was PNMAAC1FO6 , I don,t know if it will work for you, (reason why you should log in as new customer, as you might can get a new code yourself).

Anyway, still mixing and Prowling.
Things I've learned in the last 10 years.
1. Being a 63 year old man, all those complex formula out there is just a waste of
money for me. A single drop of 28mcg A1/12 mcg none, to both sides of the neck
apply with the wrists and I'm in cougar heaven.

2. Hedione cologne will kill any pheromone formula, use hedione alone or not at all.
This explain all the ups and down in my pheromone research. And if you do use it
we are talking about parts per thousand. A cheap Curse oil and NPA
(1:1 drops mix in a vile), just whips all the cougar up when I walk into the room.

3. The old NPA and A312 are gone, but thanks to my hoarding nature, 5 of bottles
each (2010) sits in my refrigerator, like gold in Fort Knox (don't even ask). Other
stuff will go up for sale soon.


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